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Custom & Handcrafted
Traditional Bows



The official online RER Retailer is here!  Starting on the 15th of February you will be able to conveniently purchase an RER bow from our selection of in stock bows from our retailer, StonePoint Trading Co.

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Our Bows

Each RER bow is handcrafted to suit specific shooting needs and styles.  RER Bows are known as some of the fastest traditional bows on the market.  But speed is nothing without accuracy.

Our archers love the stability and craftsmanship that we take the time to build into every bow we design.



Whether you are hunting farm country, big woods, or chasing big game across mountain ranges - we make bows for any adventure.  Just like with any specialized product, the materials in each bow create a unique shooting performance specialization and 'feel.'  At RER Bows, we only use the highest quality materials in our handcrafted bows.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about the materials we use in our bows.

Here is a selection of bow models that we keep in stock.


Arroyo Recurve

A work of art and fine craftsmanship, the Arroyo recurve is our flagship model.  This single piece recurve bow is the perfect blend of form and function.  The deep grip enables unparalleled shot anchoring and confidence, while the handcrafted body provides potent speed and power.

Vital Recurve

Our Vital recurve brings the power, style and grace found in the Arroyo, but in a take-down design.  Potently accurate and with an 18" riser, this recurve bow is both beauty and beast.  If you find yourself hunting big game in far-flung places, this is the bow for you.


Retro Recurve

Our Retro recurve is what we like to call our spin on the traditional recurve bow.  For the truly traditional recurve shooter, we provide custom detailing in a bow built for the ages.  This isn't the recurve your grandpa shot, but with it's 1950's-style riser, it's close, and in all the right ways.

XR Recurve

Our standard take-down recurve is a fine blend of classical design and portability.  Similar to the Retro in riser design, you get the traditional feel and power of the Retro, but in a more portable package - which is great for hunters who travel.

CXR Recurve

CXR stands for "Compact Take-Down Recurve".  With 13" riser, this is our most portable and versatile bow.  You get all the travel-readiness in a small package that still shoots with the smoothness, power and accuracy that you expect from a traditional length riser.


Vortex II Longbow

RER's Vortex II Longbow is our upgraded take on the longbows of the past.  Higher speeds, an improved riser grip (modeled after the styles popular to the 1950's) and the finest materials make these longbows a dream to shoot.

LX Longbow

A longbow that you can actually fly with.  Our LX Longbow is perfect for the traveling longbow hunter.  This bow can be taken down easily for travel, but as you can see, does not compromise on detail or accuracy. 

Young Buck Longbow

Designed especially for our younger archers, the Young Buck is the ideal starter bow for the young bucks and does in your life.  Start the skill-building early.


All of our bow models can be customized for your express needs.

If you have special detailing in mind, we can handcraft something truly unique and custom with you.