Springs Opportunity 

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         Depending on where you live you may say that spring has sprung or that it is still a few weeks away. Regardless, calendars tells us spring is here. This not only means warmer weather, but that spring hunting seasons will soon arrive! Long winter months have most of us restless, making spring opportunities the perfect remedy. One particular spring activity we all look forward too at RER, is spring turkey hunting.
         Chasing toms on a spring morning with some friends could make for some of the best memories of your life. Depending on where you hunt, turkeys could be quite a challenging species to harvest. Turkey populations in parts of the country seldom see hunting pressure. Making them much more gullible to answer a call. However, in other corners of the country where turkey hunting pressure is high, birds tend to be super sly and harder to kill. This makes for a challenging hunt in addition to great practice for upcoming fall hunts.
        Listening for distant gobbles or strategizing how to call in that pressured bird are all great ways to hone your abilities. For hunters looking to increase the challenge, we suggest picking up the bow. Harvesting a turkey with archery equipment, whether compound or traditional, is extremely challenging. However, with that challenge comes great reward.
        If you decide to get out with a stick and string make sure to practice, practice, and practice. A strutting tom might seem like a large target, but in reality, his vitals are small. In addition, the sight of a love struck tom strutting and gobbling can make even the most experienced hunters shake with adrenaline. This could be overwhelming, meaning a hunter must have their shooting abilities dialed to be ethical and deadly.
        With that in mind we hope you decide to hit the woods this spring in search of a strutting thunder chicken! To give you some extra motivation, below is a link to the first episode of The Hunting Publics Spring Turkey Tour! Follow a great group of guys hunting turkeys on public land all across America this spring! Give them a watch and follow their lead in enjoying public lands this spring!

The Hunting Public Turkey Tour


Chester Floyd