Accuracy is everything.





The finest handcrafted traditional bows on the market.


Crafting traditional bows is our passion. At RER Bows, we promise to produce the highest quality, most accurate, state of the art bows, designed with the customer in mind.

I’ve had my RER bow for five years and taken four deer with it. I’ve shot a lot of traditional bows but my RER is smooth, quiet, accurate and very shooter friendly.
— Chuck, Hunter Dude
I have owned all the other top bows out there, but shoot RER bows exclusively for the past 5 years!! Quick, quiet and the best customer service out there!
— Shawn Leonard, RER Shooter
Defining accuracy one bow at a time is right on the mark — the LX 64” with Longbow limbs I purchased is very smooth, stable, fast, and above all, accurate. With good form this bow is extremely accurate. Thanks for the great product.
— Jerry, WIs Rapids WI
I have been shooting RER bows for about 6 years. They are quick, quiet and fast. You can pay more for a bow elsewhere but you will never get a better built bow than a RER and their customer service is outstanding.
— Dave, Covington, GA

Every bow is a handcrafted, quality product with high regard to performance and detail.